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Tesco Deals

Tesco Clubcard Deals

Croft Circuit is pleased to announce Tesco clubcard holders can now use their clubcard deal tokens at the legendary Croft Circuit.

Choose from 6 fantastic driving experiences from £99 up to £350


Blast Driving Experiences

Porsche Cayman Blast


Adventure Driving Experiences

Racing Car with Porsche Adventure

Ferrari with Porsche Adventure

Audi R8 with Porsche Adventure

Aston Martin with Porsche Adventure


Supercar Driving Experiences

Prestige Supercar - fully booked

How to Book

Change your Tesco coupons to Tesco clubcard deal tokens by contacting Tesco
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Choose from our fantastic range of driving experiences, shown above
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Print and complete our step-by-step Tesco booking form
Booking form
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Send your completed form and Tesco deal tokens to us in the post. We will then send you back your gift pack for your chosen driving experience.

Driving Experiences

Croft TV

The Cars

Tesco Deals

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Porsche Cayman Taster, Racing car, Ferrari 355, Aston Martin, Porsche 911 turbo, Ferrari 430, 3 car ride.