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About the ARDS Novice Course

So you want to take the next step and actually go motor racing. The first thing you will need is an MSA National B competition licence.

You can take the course here at Thruxton in a Porsche Cayman 2.9. There is a set procedure to secure your licence which is set out by the MSA:

1. Apply to the MSA for your ‘Go Racing’ starter pack, which will include:

• Licence application form
• ‘Go Racing’ video
• MSA yearbook
• ‘Starting Motorsport’ handbook
• Association of Racing Drivers Schools leaflet.

2. Have a racing medical examination with your doctor and ensure that the form is signed and returned to you - some doctors may charge for this

3. Contact us on 01264 882222 to book your course. The fee is £295 and consists of the following:

• Classroom briefing
• Driving test. The instructor will demonstrate the lines and technique to you before you drive for a minimum of 5 laps.
• Two multiple choice exam papers.

Please remember that although you will receive tuition and help on your course, the main purpose is to test your suitability to hold a competition licence. If you feel you would benefit from additional track time, we offer an ARDS PLUS course which caters for this need. Click here for more info

Once you have successfully completed the course you must send all the relevant paperwork to the MSA to be validated.

MSA Motorsports House Riverside Park Colnbrook Slough SL3 0HG Tel: 01753 681736.


About the Junior ARDS Training Programme

Thruxton also run the Junior ARDS course for 14 to 16 year olds and up. The cost is £600. Below is the criteria for applicants.

1. The minimum age for a driver to take the course and hold a Race Licence is 14 years old.

2. Application must be supported by or received from a Junior Race Championship organizing club. These are BARC (Junior Ginetta), BRSCC (T-Cars) and 750 Motor Club (SaxMax).

3. Once they have completed the Junior ARDS Training Programme the registered Thruxton Junior ARDS Instructor will sign off their application. Their licence will then be issued in the name of the driver but held by the organizing club of their championship (until they are 16 years old – then they will hold a full licence).

For more information on the ARDS Junior Driver Training Programme, please call 01264 882222.


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