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Drive the Racing Car plus Porsche Cayman

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Racing Car

Driving Experience Format


Safety Briefing

Our unique driving experience briefing details the important information you need to know before getting behind the wheel and heading out on track.
breifing screens
Circuit layout – 2.12 miles per lap, 11 corners,

Racing line – Turn in , apex, exit, braking, throttle control
Driving Position – steering and pedal control, gear change, paddle shift
Chassis dynamics – weight transfer, oversteer, understeer
Overtaking and flag signals
Mazda 3

Mazda3 MPS - Retail Value: £21,500

Technical Spec
Front wheel drive
2.3-litre turbo 4cyl
6-speed manual
Power 256bhp
Speed 155mph
0-60 6.1sec
Initial laps driven by the instructor in a Mazda3 MPS
Driving on a race circuit is very different to normal road driving. To make the most of the cars you’ll be driving on track you need to learn the ‘racing line’ and braking points.

We use the brilliant Mazda3 MPS for these initial laps. One of the most powerful front-wheel drive hatchbacks on the market.

Our ARDS qualified race instructors will demonstrate the racing lines and braking points plus other hints and tips to help you get the most from your driving experience.

Out on track it may seem quite unfamiliar with no road marks or signs and no cars coming in the other direction, but after 3 laps watching and listening to your race instructor you’ll have built up a good idea of the circuit layout and be confident when you first get behind the wheel and head out on track.
Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman - Retail Value: £38,500

Technical Spec
Rear wheel drive
2.9-litre flat 6
6-speed manual
Power 261bhp
Speed 163mph
0-60mph 5.8sec
3 laps pupil drives the Porsche Cayman

The latest Porsche Cayman is a genuine junior supercar.  Similar in looks to the 911 but with a mid-engine layout, this new model has the larger 2.9-litre engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Out on track the car gives incredible feedback, allowing the driver to build in confidence and enjoy the increased power and incredible grip that the car generates.

Nowhere else in the UK will you drive such an expensive and new car as your introduction to a driving experience.

With 4 laps behind the wheel you’ll not only have a huge smile on your face but be ready to take on the next car, no doubt feeling like the next Lewis Hamilton.
Camera option
Racing car

Formula Forward 2000 Racing Car - Cost: £50,000

Technical Spec
Rear wheel drive
2.0 -litre 4cyl
Non-syncro manual
Weight 420kg
Power 130bhp
Speed 140mph
0-60mph 4.5sec
5 laps driving the Formula Forward 2000 Racing Car

Watching Formula 1 will never be the same again after you've experienced driving a proper single seat racing car on a proper race circuit.

Want to know how Jenson Button feels when he's at work? Now you can. Once seated with the racing straps fitted around you the engine bursts into life you'll feel like a Grand Prix is about to start.

Once up to speed, everything clicks into place as you and the car become one, getting quicker every lap, the car responding instantly. A truely unique experience and one you'll remember forever.
Camera option
Mazda RX-8 Fast Lap

Caterham 7 - Retail Value: £21,000

Technical Spec
Rear-wheel drive
1.6-litre 4cly
5-speed manual
Power 120bhp
Speed 112mph
0-60 5.8sec
High speed passenger lap in the Caterham 7

Hold on tight as our resident Stig takes you out for the white knuckle ride of your life.

Experiencing a car at its full potential with a professional racing driver at the wheel is incredible.

The car appears to dance over the tarmac as the racing driver makes small but purposeful inputs to the cars steering wheel.

Through the fast sweeping curves you'll start to feel the g-force as you try and hold yourself in the seat.

Under brakes you'll feel the car searching for grip then the tyres forcing the chassis into the next corner at seemingly impossible speeds.

About the Racing Car Driving Experience

Want to know how Jenson Button feels when he's at work? Now you can on the legendary Croft Circuit.

Prepare to be really surprised before you have even complete a lap in the Formula Forward 2000. This is a car designed and built for purpose. Weighing just 500kg, this is a car that reacts immediately to every driver input. Placing the car accurately as you skim past tyre barriers is essential. With proper downforce and sticky racing tyres, this is a car that goes where you want, when you want.

Before being tightly strapped into the cockpit of the racing car you will have the racing line and track driving technique demonstrated to you in the fantastic Mazda3 MPS by an ARDS qualified race instructor.

Then it's your turn to drive in the brilliant Porsche Cayman. This mid engined sports car is the best in its class and great fun and incredibly rewarding to drive, it gives great driver feedback - accurate and responsive steering and great handling. Helping you get up to speed with the fast corners at Croft Circuit.


Gift Packs

Driving Experiences are available as part of a gift pack which are valid for 1 year. Recipients can then choose the date they would like to attend.

The gift pack includes our glossy brochure with stunning images of our cars by automotive photographer - Pete Gibson. A personalised letter for the recipient detailing the driving experience they'll be attending. A list of dates to attend


Need to know

This experience can be purchased as an open gift voucher valid for 1 year from the date of purchase

This experience operates from Croft Circuit in North Yorkshire

We operate on selected weekdays.

Drivers must hold a full licence | On the day drivers must wear clothes that cover their arms and legs | Helmets, race boots and gloves are provided

Spectators are welcome - free of charge



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