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Ferrari Driving Experience FleetOur driving experience fleet of Ferrari's is second to none. We have the latest model from Ferrari and arguably their most iconic model.

Starting off with the Ferrari F355. The car has the classic wedge shape and still looks fresh today. The F355 sports a 380bhp 3.5L V8 with all the power going to the rear wheels - with no traction control. Sitting inside the exposed metal gearshift gate coupled with hand stitched leather seats makes you feel like a millionaire. Out on track the engine barks at low revs and develops to a howl as the revs increase and the car speeds through the fast sweeping curves at Croft.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest model from Ferrari and is a technical marvel. The mid-engined V8 produces an astonishing 462bhp and 398 lb/ft of torque. Put simply this means it accelerates very quickly and has a top speed of over 200mph! The 458 also has Ferrari's latest dual clutch system which is simply brilliant on all accounts.

Out on track the car performs brilliantly with a chassis that encourages you to go faster and with uninterrupted power from the gearbox delivers the power just when you want it.


  Ferrari F355 Ferrari 458 Italia
Configuration Mid engine, rear wheel drive Mid engine. rear wheel drive
Engine size 3.5 lt V8 4.5 lt V8
Gear box 6 speed Manual 7 speed Paddleshift Dual Clutch
Power bhp 380 462
Torque lb/ft 268 398
Top speed mph 173 202
0-60 4.6 sec. 3.4 sec.


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Ferrari 458 Italia


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