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Lamborghini at ThruxtonLamborghini started making supercars to try and out do Ferrari. They've become famous for their outrageous designs and big engines.

We have both of Lamborghini's current model line up.

The Gallardo is the 'baby' Lambo that only has a V10 engine! This is the model that takes the fight to Ferrari in 2011. It's bigger brother has no competition.

Named after a line of famous fighting bulls, the Lamborghini Murcielago was widely regarded as the last true supercar. Since its first incarnation, Lamborghini have raised the game, initially with the LP640 and now in its last and most impressive form the LP670-4 SV. It is the embodiment of power, aggression and beauty. Everything about the LP670-4 SV shouts hypercar, from the scissor doors, the upwardly opening engine air vents to the beautifully crafted interior. Only 100 will be made, ours being number 28. You wont find this latest model at any other driving experience venue in the UK (probably the world).

  Lamborghini Gallardo Lamborghini LP670-4 SV Murcielago
Configuration Mid engine, four wheel drive Mid engine. four wheel drive
Engine size 3.5 lt V8 6.5 lt V12
Gear box 6 speed Paddleshift 6 speed Paddleshift
Power bhp 570 663
Torque lb/ft 450 487
Top speed mph 191 212
0-60 4.1 sec. 3.2 sec.


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